Sanitizamex S.A. de C.V. is a Company dedicated to provide a cleaning and sanitizing service under a System of Food Safety / Food Security Management, which allows the clients to count with a competitive advantage in its food distribution chain.

The interaction that it keeps with companies of the food sector makes it an alternative for the development of new sanitation technologies in order to make the productive processes of the Transportation companies more efficient in their category of liquid freight (tank trailers) and dry freight (Hoppers).

On the other hand, the focus it maintains in the ISO 22000:2005 system, helps it set commercial relationships with the Transporter so that he acquires analytical knowledge in order to make decisions with the main objective of developing new distribution lines for his trailer trucks without risking the safety of the products being transported.

The handling of these products requires a strict sanitary control since the products are intended for human consumption, which implies the utilization of equipment and processes of particular characteristics. The transport units that are assigned for this service are semi-trailer trucks with stainless steel tanks that have a capacity of 12,000 liters, 19,000 liters, 22,500 liters, 27,500 liters and 30,000 liters. Some of these are equipped with a sanitary discharge pump and Hoppers for the dry freight.

These types of equipment require a specific cleaning and sanitizing process, according to the product being transported and to the client intended for, since each company requires specifications complying with their quality norms.

The team responsible of assuring the sanitization of the transportation equipment is formed by personnel of the highest level of training who monitor the compliance of the quality specifications, microbiological control, Quality Management System and Good Manufacturing Processes, maintenance and security of the equipment utilized for the suitability of the process water.