Consulting in aspects regarding food safety / security in your equipment and the operating personnel in the food grade freight transportation companies.



Design of sanitizing procedures with the use of CIP (Clean-In-Place) equipment technology for the different types of liquid and dry freight with food grade.

Maintenance, repairing and passivation of auto trailers in the category of Tanks, Hoppers and discharge systems.


Food safety and security and kosher equipment certification (Tanks and Hoppers).


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The CIP cleaning systems are used in the food industry, mainly in processes in which it is required to operate with a great margin of sanitary security, enhancing man-hours and supplies during the process.

The CIP systems can be handled both manually and automatically, although the latter option highly increases the advantages of the equipment, allowing us to achieve sanitizing specifications, and at the same time it eliminates the possibility of contaminating the product. These CIP systems also facilitate and improve monitoring, validation and documentation.

In an operating way, a cleaning in place system (CIP) is an integrated unit formed by elements that permit us to store, warm, recover and control cleaning solutions with the sole purpose of sanitizing equipment and production lines, with the advantage of performing the operation without dissembling the equipment to be cleaned (1).